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11 Ways to Ensure Your 
City or Town’s Podcast

is a Success

p-By-Step Tutorial)

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to launch a podcast. 


You’ve laid out your City Podcast Episode Planner and have impactful and engaging content roadmap laid out for the next 6 to 12 months and you’re ready to begin recording the episodes.


Now, how do you ensure your city’s podcast reaches your audience to maximize listenership?


Well, here are 11 ways to promote your city or towns podcast.



1.  Deliver a professionally produced and engaging podcast with the right content for your city or town.


The best marketing plan will fall flat if the podcast is not a quality podcast with great sound quality and engaging content that your constituents want to hear.


That’s why the planning phase is so important and why we offer our Podcast Needs Analysis for free to cities and towns.


2.  Utilize eye catching graphics for the show and each episode.


The search ability on most podcast platforms are very basic.  I suggest you test it yourself before creating your podcast graphics.  You want to create an image that matches your city or town’s brand AND grabs the listener’s attention in the podcast app environment.


Doing this with graphics and copy that will pull in your local listeners is a key to capturing new subscribers and listeners.


By the way, you will need 2 image sizes for your podcast.  The podcast cover image which is a 1x1 ratio (3000x3000 max .PNG). 


And, a podcast episode image with both a 1x1 (1400x1400px with at least 72dpi in PNG) and 16x9 ratio (1920x1080px with at least a 72dpi in PNG).


3.  Issue a press release


As you prepare to launch, you’ll want to distribute a press release to let all local media know about your new podcast.


They will likely all subscribe and use the podcast as a source for additional stories on the topics you cover.  And, because of the nature of the detailed podcast, they will have much of the information needed.


4.  Create a Podcast website


Having a podcast on all the major podcast platforms is a great start however for maximum success, a podcast website is key.  This will allow you to control the branding and allow you to easily promote your podcast on the city website.


It also allows you to link to evergreen episodes that certain departments can use as a resource to provide relevant information to your citizens.


5.  Write excellent show notes that will help your show get found


One area of a podcast that is often over looked is writing show notes.  These notes not only tell the listener what to expect in the episode but they also tell the podcast apps what the show is about so they can recommend to the right listeners.


Although this functionality is basic right now, it continues to improve and will be a key part to growing your podcast over the long run.


It also acts as SEO for people searching for information on your city or town.



6.  Release a promotional episode to launch the podcast series


One way to get a start on your podcast is to record a short promotional episode of your podcast to build anticipation of your city’s new podcast.


This episode can be 7 to 15 minutes giving the highlights of what to expect, teasing future episodes and giving the listener a reason to subscribe.  This episode can be used as a promotion tool as the podcast rolls out.



7.  Syndicate on multiple podcast platforms; iTunes, Sticher, SoundCloud, Spotify, iHeart Radio and YouTube


If you’re only on SoundCloud, you’re missing out on a lot of listeners. 


Apple Podcast has over 63% of the podcast listenership.  Now, that’s down from 80% just a few years ago but they are still the dominate player.  Spotify comes in 2nd with around 10% share.  And, Google, Stitcher, Pandora and iHeart Radio have gotten into the game recently.


To reach your entire audience, be sure to syndicate your podcast on as many platforms as possible.


Some platform like iHeart Radio require your podcast to be live for 3 month before they will list your show.


8.  Post on social media; Facebook Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


One of the best ways to promote your podcast is to post on ALL of your social media outlets.  When doing so, be sure to link to your podcast website, Apple Podcast link and Spotify to make it easy for people to engage and subscribe on the major podcast listening apps.


It does take more than just posting one time and calling it a day.  Get creative with your podcast posts.


Post various images.  Post a clip from the show as an audio-graham.  Post in local groups that will find the episode interesting.


If you will be interviewing guests on your city’s podcast (and you should be), you can tag them on your social media posts.  This will begin the engagement within your local community.


You may also want to tag local influencers that will have interest in a specific topic to reach their follower/connection/friends that are likely also interested in that topic.


This will build organic growth in your podcast.


9.  Promote the podcast in your current newsletters and emails


Promote each episode in your current newsletter and other publications.  Not only does the podcast give you additional content to include in your newsletters but it’s very simple to add the image and link to the podcast.


Another simple way to build listenership is to add the podcast website to your email signature.  Now, every time some from the city sends an email, they are promoting the city’s podcast.


10.  Ask for reviews from your loyal listeners and internal champions


One of the best ways to let the podcast apps (Apple, Spotify, etc) know that people like your podcast and they should recommend it to others is to have a bunch of reviews.


So, be sure to ask those you know to like, review and share your podcasts.  You can start with city staff, local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and other champions of the city/town.


11.  Be consistent in the release of your episodes (monthly, bi-monthly or weekly)


A key to the success of your city or town’s podcast is to be consistent.  Once you’ve captured a listeners attention and they’ve subscribed, they will expect an episode to be released on-time, every time.


If you are not sure you can commit to this time-frame with everything else you and your staff have on your plate, you may want to research a service that makes podcasting super easy by taking a majority of the effort off your plate.

About the Local Government Podcast Network: 


We specialize in helping cities and towns develop, launch and consistently maintain a local government podcast to deliver proactive, positive and in-depth messages in an easy to digest media with minimal staff time and little to no investment from the municipal budget.


To learn more, take advantage of the Podcast Launch Kit and discover how you can launch and maintain a pro-active, professional podcast that’s easy for your constituents to digest with minimal staff time and little to no financial investment.

Or, call (844) 592-5200.

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