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11 Reasons Your

City/ Town

Should Consider a Podcast

Some communication teams and city leaders may wonder how a local podcast will benefit their community. 


Well, with the growth of podcasts amongst virtually all segments of the population the answer is simple, your constituents are listening and want them.

Here are some stats released by Edison Research in 2019.


  • In 2019, 51% of Americans (144 million) over 12 years old listen to podcasts, that’s up from just 44% in 2018.

  • 74% of monthly podcast listeners are ages 18 to 54

  • Composition of Monthly Podcast listeners mirrors the US population by ethnicity

  • 65% of podcast listeners listen via a smart phone while commuting, exercising, house work or relaxing so they can listen at their convenience while doing other tasks, unlike radio, PEG channels, newspaper and digital print media

  • Podcasts can be easily listened to a increased speed so a 30 minute podcast can be consumed in 15-20 minutes with full comprehension

  • Podcasts are taking listenership from AM/FM radio, Streaming Audio and SiriusXM


The research shows your constituents are likely listening to podcasts, but how can a podcast benefit a city or town?


Let’s take a look below:


1.  Proactive communication tool to deliver positive, nuanced and controlled messages to your constituents in an easy to digest format:

Because the city/town produce and publish the media, there is no one spinning the information so your constituents receive the entire message allowing you to present in a positive and complete manner directly from the proper source.

2.  Simple on-demand media your citizens can easily consume on their schedule while doing virtually any activity

Because podcasts are typically listened to on a smartphone while commuting, exercising, working around the house or just relaxing AND they can go into more detail than a 20 second sound byte, they are perfect to deliver more positive and nuanced messages. 

3.  Provide a resource for those considering a move to your town

One excellent use of a podcast is to provide information that those considering moving to your area would find useful in their relocation.  Making an episode or two specifically for this  purpose and then promoting them on city websites, social media and other outlets will likely attract more people to your city/town.

4.  Community growth and development

Another opportunity that’s perfect for a podcast is community growth and development.  Highlighting programs focused on these areas and interviewing leaders in the community allows your city/town to highlight the projects, programs and people that are important to these goals.

5.  Economic Development

For some cities/towns, focusing on economic development is a key part of their goals and objectives.Again, a detailed, positive and nuanced podcast allows you to highlight the business leaders, programs and projects in this area.As well as deliver information that may be useful to those considering starting or moving a business to your city/town.

6.  Increase Tourism

When it comes to tourism, it can be a challenge to reach the right audience with the right messages.  A podcast episode or two can be used to highlight various tourist destinations and attractions.  These episodes can then be utilized to promote your city/town throughout the year.  Or, create season episodes depending on the nature of your tourism.

7.  Highlight specific departments, events, initiatives and successes

An exciting opportunity of a city/town podcast is the opportunity to focus on the positive in your city.  Highlighting departments, events, indicatives and big wins in full detail or in small bites each episode, the media allows a year round host of positive messages delivered right to your constituents.

8.  Feature your Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief and other leaders in your government

Often the leaders in your city/town have more detailed messages that would benefit the community if only they had a long from media to present the information.  Podcasts are perfect for this type of situation.  Not only can these episodes be powerful and popular, other media outlets will often create additional positive stories based on the podcast.

9.  Complement your current social media and communication strategy

Some think a podcast is an either or situation with their social media strategy.The reality is that an excellent podcast delivers tons or content that can be re-used and re-purposed for all your social media.This relationship propels both media channels to be more impactful and positive.

10.  Establish your town or city as leader

The concept of city/town podcasts is just starting to take hold for all the reasons mentioned above.Being on the leading edge is this media will position your city/town as a leader in communications, technology and community relations with neighboring cities/towns looking to your success.

11.  It’s easier and cheaper than you think

Podcasting can be incredible powerful and impactful in your community, yet the investment required to get started can be very reasonable.In our article , we discuss hardware, software and capabilities required to get started.

There are also option to get started with a professional city/town podcast with minimal staff time and little to no financial investment required.Visit www.LocalGovPodcasts.Com/Podcast for details.

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About the Local Government Podcast Network: 


We specialize in helping cities and towns develop, launch and consistently maintain a local government podcast to deliver proactive, positive and in-depth messages in an easy to digest media with minimal staff time and little to no investment from the municipal budget.


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