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One of the most frustrating things when it comes to podcasts for cities, towns and municipal leagues is seeing an excellent show launch with tons of excitement and fan fair.  Then, a few months later, noticing that they’ve missed a few episodes and then the podcast just drops off the face of the world.

It’s disappointing, frustrating and sad. 


There was so much thought, planning and hard work put in to the program, only to be left in the podcast wasteland with so many others.  As a matter of fact, research indicates that 45% of podcasts don’t make it past 10 episodes.


Less than 10 episodes!

So, why do they end?  If we know the reasons podcasts fail, maybe we can help others in local government to launch long lasting podcasts worthy of the excitement and fan fair of the initial launch.



1.  No Time:  The number one reason that podcasts miss scheduled episode release dates or stop all together is the lack of time.  Often, the idea of a podcast is taken up because it’s an outstanding communications tool yet it is given as a new project to an already busy staff member with the desire and a little free time as the project kicks off.


Inevitably, that person takes on more and more responsibility and in the end, the 8 to 14 hours it takes to record, produce and distribute a podcast episode is no longer available.  This is especially true with current staff levels and workloads being what they are today.


2. Complexity:  Maintaining a podcast involves many moving pieces (scheduling guests, setting up recordings, editing, mixing & mastering process (especially if not an expert), creating good show notes, creating quality images, promoting on social media, etc) and not many employees have all the required skills or knowledge to complete these tasks in an efficient and consistent manner monthly or weekly.


This complexity can also cause additional staff time needs because everything takes longer do to in-house than it would to outsource to professionals (although budgets are often even tighter than staff time)


3. Technical Roadblocks:  When podcasting, there is often high-tech equipment set-up, software mastery, audio engineering and podcast distribution which as we know from experience don’t always work as expected.  These technical roadblocks can eat up precious staff time (especially if they are not experts in the area) and de-rail an otherwise successful local government podcast.


4. Competing Priorities:  In local government, there are yearly busy periods and emergencies that arise.  It’s part of life in the world of cities and towns.  When these competing priorities come up, the podcast (especially if it’s a newer endeavor) is often sacrificed to meet another deadline.


This is most common when there is not a dedicated podcast professional on the staff which is often unrealistic anywhere but the largest cities.


5.  Budget:  Interestingly, a budget cut is not one of the most common reasons for an abrupt end to a podcast however it has happened.  Typically, this is one of the reasons given for not launching in the first place.


So, as the saying goes, now that you know better, you can do better.


Being aware of these limitations allows new podcasts to plan for these potential podcast killers. 

Bottom line, ease of production is the key to consistency, quality and long-term success with a city, town or municipal league podcast.


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